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Case studies

Helping GSK engage with customers through web based activity


Occam helps GSK enhance its relationship
with consumers


GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is a world leading multi-brand organisation, selling its portfolio of products via retailers on and off line. Despite its considerable market presence, GSK was keen to engage with its consumers directly through a combination of web based activity, including increased usage of social media. The main objective of this activity is to enhance its relationship with consumers, gain greater insight into their purchasing behaviour, and provide effective, timely and relevant information and offers to increase retail sales.

The challenge

With no underlying customer database, the primary challenge was to build up a list of customer contacts through targeted on-line activity and then use these contacts to both increase the reach of each brand but also drive incremental retail sales, on-line and off-line.

The Occam solution

The Occam solution creates the bridge between the disparate activities of the various brands, gathering data from them all and creating a single view of each customer across all brands, which in turn drives communications predominantly via email and SMS.

Integral to the solution was the addition of consumer data feeds from website collection, as well as from manual entry at events. The integration of an email broadcasting tool was also included, with a feedback loop designed to track response data and feed it into the database.

Social media tracking

As social media activity has increased, the solution has begun to incorporate the tools required to monitor and analyse activity.  Using Alterian’s social media platform, SM2, GSK is focussed on improving it’s social media presence, and is specifically interested with what is currently being said about its brands, whether that’s good or bad, and what needs to be done to improve brand perception. 

SM2 enables social media content to be continually tracked and measured, providing further consumer insight and helping to shape GlaxoSmithKline’s marketing strategy.

Occam History


Occam helps its clients design, build and manage data driven marketing/customer engagement solutions to better understand, grow and engage with their customers (traditional, online and socially connected) for profitable business growth.

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