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Ensuring you choose the right marketing supplier and receive the best possible service and value for money is time consuming and intensive. St Ives Management Services (SIMS) is a customer driven team of procurement specialists who can give you access to new capabilities, different services and solutions for your communications strategy. We are your gateway into St Ives Group and can help you decide which of the Group’s services are right for your campaign, drawing on expertise across a number of disciplines. We also operate independently of the Group and will also advise on potential external suppliers if they are more appropriate for you from a cost and service point of view.

Working as a central team, we’ll source the best multi-channel marketing communications and print suppliers so that you can deliver focused communications to your customers. We draw on expertise across a number of disciplines; however, we are independent and will always choose the right supplier at the right cost from all our partners for you. By managing these relationships we guarantee increased efficiencies, year-on-year savings and improvement to processes, delivery and ROI.

We take the fuss out of managing the suppliers leaving you to focus on the things that matter to you.