Our Strategy


Our Strategic Marketing businesses have world-class capabilities across three specialist high growth areas: data, digital and consulting. 

This further growth will be achieved ‐ organically through collaboration and internationalisation ‐ and via acquisition.



Facilitating and supporting collaboration is a key strand of our organic growth strategy. We believe that a culture of collaboration is most successful when it is driven from within the businesses themselves rather than imposed by the Group. This strategy is gaining significant traction; currently more than 90 of our clients use the services of more than one business within the Group.


International operations have made a growing contribution to Group revenues during the past 12 months. A number of our businesses deliver international solutions for clients and we plan to open additional overseas offices where we identify client-led opportunities.

These opportunities must be in large markets or in markets with the potential for significant and sustainable growth. We believe that this provides a firm foundation for continued overseas expansion.


An important strength going forward will be our ability to acquire further complementary marketing services businesses which operate in the growth areas we have identified and add value to our existing portfolio.

Our acquisition strategy adopts very stringent quantitative and qualitative criteria. We aim to acquire non-competing businesses that support our business model.

  • We are confident in our strategy for further growth and have once again made progress in all three areas – collaboration, internationalisation and acquisition.

    Matt Armitage, CEO

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