Strategy in action - collaboration

Facilitating and supporting collaboration is a key strand of our organic growth strategy.


We believe that a culture of collaboration is most successful when it is driven from within our businesses rather than imposed by the Group. The number of clients now working with more than one business across the Group is 150, compared to 106 in the previous year. During the past twelve months, we’ve also made investments in joint propositions and closer working between our businesses.

Synergies between Solstice, the Chicago-based mobile and emerging technology specialist, and recently acquired The App Business (‘TAB’) have resulted in both companies working together on existing clients and exciting new business opportunities. In addition, there has been further closer working between our Data and Digital operations and Marketing Activation businesses.

Download and read more details about how Response One and Realise are working together as well as how our Marketing Activation businesses add value for Regatta by working alongside each other.  

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