Growth Strategy

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St Ives is an international Marketing Services Group. We operate not as a single entity but as a group of market-leading businesses, each with its own unique value proposition.

Our companies offer complementary services and collaborate closely with each other when this adds value to clients. 

We have built strong capabilities in our Strategic Marketing businesses and specifically in the high-growth segments of data, digital and consulting. Our strategic focus is on investing in further Strategic Marketing businesses that will continue to flourish as a part of St Ives and that will, in turn, help to support further growth. 

We ensure that all of our businesses are able to provide intellectual rigour and creative thinking, combined with the ability to execute complex and sophisticated solutions. We believe the combination of these attributes creates a set of services which add value that is both tangible and measurable. This helps to deliver enduring client relationships out of which the Group can build long-term market strength and shareholder value.

We put great emphasis on creating and nurturing the right corporate culture. We look for businesses run by straightforward individuals or teams who demonstrate high levels of passion and integrity in their leadership. We deliberately operate a flat corporate structure that gives autonomy to individual management teams whilst encouraging and facilitating collaboration.

A fundamental aspect of our business model is that all our companies operate as separate brands and businesses. This gives them freedom to develop their own intellectual property and to become leading players within their markets. The Group’s role is to support the businesses with investment to accelerate growth and to facilitate collaboration so that our combined offering creates maximum synergy and value for our clients.

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