Amaze One leads the charge to ‘humanise’ CRM

Amaze One leads the charge to ‘humanise’ CRM

Fri 17th Feb, 2017 

A call to arms across the industry to design for an emotional response to customer communications to deepen engagement and bolster impact

Amaze One are on a mission to address the need and importance of human insight for successful marketing programmes, in a world that is increasingly becoming programmatic.

With the impending GDPR legislation looming, it’s more important than ever before for marketers to be engaging with consumers on their terms through communications that add value to them – their attention needs to be earned. Creating emotional response is key to building trust, retaining the privilege to engage and ultimately what drives brand response and return on investment, something that many marketers are forgetting or forgoing by instead becoming lost in a foggy haze of data.

Humanising CRM is about just that, simplifying the complexity of interaction management and at the heart forging meaningful relationships with customers through the intelligent use of data, creative ingenuity and human insight. Amaze One is asking brands, organisations and marketers to challenge and question their approach to marcomms - as becoming truly customer centric is no longer optional.

BX7A5714.jpgAt an event held at The Shard last week, Amaze One worked with leading decision scientist and author of Decoded, Phil Barden, to show how behavioural science translated can be applied to CRM to drive the desired response of today’s consumers and demonstrated the link between true consumer insight, decision science, relevant personalisation and authentic engagement.

  • Crafting communications that are emotionally appealing and connect with the consumer is in itself an art. There is a lot that marketing can learn from the ‘scientific method’ to develop our understanding of how we can design campaigns that deliver longer term success and relationships, not just one off clicks.

    Janet Snedden, Deputy MD, Amaze One

View the slides from the event here. 

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