News - Amaze launches living brand

News - Amaze launches living brand

8th October 2015

Amaze unveil new company website and a first-of-its-kind 'living' brand

Amaze's new fully responsive website and unique brand mark, have been launched to tie in with their 20th Birthday - celebrating two decades of digital innovation.

They are embodiments of the agency’s founding principles: “To inspire original thinking through a deeper understanding of technology and human behaviour”. The result is a highly creative and image-led design, which showcases the agency’s vast global client portfolio; accessible and engaging across all devices.

Through the creative use of various web technologies, including WebGL and Web-Worker, they have been able to render their ‘living logo’ or brand mark to the screen. Amaze Creative Technologist, award-winning digital designer and programmer, Daniel Brown has taken a key role in developing the mark, using a brand new technical framework, which visualises data created by the agency’s digital and human activities.

A number of watching and listening devices track employees’ movements in the physical environment and then interface these movements with their digital interactions. The resulting data is translated into a three-dimensional form; a constantly changing ‘living’ visual manifestation of everything the agency does.

The brand mark also has two modes. “Watching mode” where it responds to those observing it, or “listening mode”, where it adapts according to the sounds it ‘hears’. This allows individuals to make a human connection to the mark by speaking to it and playing it music.

You can read more about the technology behind the brand mark on Amaze's website here.

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