News - ASOS sign up to Affinity Sampling

News - ASOS sign up to Affinity Sampling

7th April, 2015

Online retailer ASOS has signed up to Response One’s Affinity Sampling service, in a strategic partnership which will see the St Ives Group business supply the firm with targeted data, matching ASOS as a “carrier” with brands that suit its customer base.

This service, which was soft-launched last year, will enable ASOS to target both new and existing customers with complementary samples enclosed with their order, helping the online retailer to build a loyal customer base as well as supporting third-party advertisers in reaching a guaranteed audience.
Using campaign hashtags, customers can then post comments and photos of themselves enjoying samples on social media.

The partnership strengthens an existing relationship between Response One and ASOS.

  • Promotions and sampling are a great way for brands to encourage social and digital advocacy from customers, as well as stimulating sales. Of course, this only works if you are targeting the customers who will most likely want the product that you are selling. Working with ASOS, which enjoys a wide customer base spread across varying demographics, is a great opportunity to show just how effective this type of marketing can be for brands.

    Natalie Betts, Experience Marketing Manager, Response One

  • [Our] customers love trialing something before everyone else does, so we are extremely pleased Response One is able to talk to a range of sampling brands allowing us to cherry pick which ones we like the most. Enhancing the online shopping experience is paramount to ASOS and Affinity Sampling with Response One has been a brilliant way for us to do this; the agency has a wide variety of sampling brands to hand and are sensitive to our brand guidelines.

    Nicola Rose, Print Manager, ASOS

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