Solstice 2017 trends report

Solstice 2017 trends report

Weds 1st Feb, 2017 

From AI to Zen, Solstice reveal their 9 consumer, technology and enterprise trends that they believe will define 2017.

Organised into three sections; Consumer trends, Emerging technology trends and Enterprise trends, not only does the report review 9 areas of development, it also discusses how the pace of change in the human race is more rapid than ever before and why advancements in technology are undeniably the force at the helm of that change.

  • In many ways, we find ourselves at a tipping point. The fundamental ways we interact; the speed, benefits and pitfalls of how we communicate; the ways businesses learn, evolve and push humanity forward - it’s all hanging in the balance of what happens next.

    Kelly Manthey, Chief Strategy Officer, Solstice

Head to Solstice's website to download the report today

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