Incite's approach to qualitative research offers strong, standalone research capable of answering the big questions. The results we are able to deliver are clear and focused, providing meaningful insight able to direct business decision making.


Carlsberg Breweries were looking to develop a successful new European product portfolio and so were seeking an agency to develop ways to gain participant insight beyond the normal research environment and use this to influence the product positioning process effectively and enhance collaboration between the creative team and key stakeholders.


  • Recruitment evenings identified consumers who were engaged and eager to contribute – not marketing savvy or ‘super consumers’ – just regular members of the target audience who understood the objectives of the project and wanted to help us to achieve them.
  • Extended research sessions with these consumers allowed us to build up a rapport, build on key learnings and evolve the concepts.
  • A subsequent ‘citizen journalism’ approach gained further insight outside of a research environment; discussing concepts and products with friends and speaking to barmen on nights out provided video and photo feedback on situations and contexts where they felt the new product could work and where it would struggle and uploaded all of this to an online forum.
  • This innovative approach taken resulted in a rich collision of ideas and became a very powerful springboard for further clear direction around targeting, tone and positioning for launch.
  • Regular workshops were held with the design agency and key stakeholders to evolve the resulting insights according to consumer feedback


Incite provided Carlsberg Breweries with a clear distillation of all the findings in a singular, purposeful document with a singular concept alongside strategic recommendations on pack design and launch strategy.

  • Incite's competencies go above and beyond just pure research skills - it starts with deep understanding of business strategy, commercial challenges and consumer insights.

    Senior Innovations Manager, Carlsberg Breweries

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